It’s in the Math: Save Fuel, Save Money, Save the Environment

A Math Lesson You'll Love

It's a math conversation, but don't cringe. The reality is that fuel accounts for a chunk of your budget even when the economy is strong. Therefore, the next logical part of the discussion is to determine how to cut costs. Actually, you can save fuel, save money, and do your part toward saving the environment by increasing your average fuel mileage. We'll share a few tips, and we'll also help you keep your car operating in a manner conducive with improving that average. Therefore, count on Kennedy Auto Solutions in Tomball, Texas, for auto repair.

Getting the Average Up

Increasing your vehicle's average mileage per gallon of fuel might be thought of as a two-pronged approach--driving habits and mechanical consciousness. We understand that you have an automobile because you need or want to drive. However, there are ways to save while still driving. First, being mindful of how you operate as a motorist. Long-term idling significantly impacts fuel economy. Clearly, it takes fuel for combustion to operate the vehicle. Add the extra pull of the air conditioner, and you'll be consuming even more. Try to avoid thinking of your automobile as a room in your house where you sit aimlessly with all the appliances operating. Also, try recognizing that life is not always a race. The more speed you demand from your vehicle, the harder your engine will have to work to provide it. This causes a jump in fuel consumption. If you'll drive at a reasonable pace as well as accelerate and brake at a moderate pace (as safety allows), you'll burn less fuel. Second, periodic preventive maintenance services and timely repairs will allow your automobile to burn fuel properly and operate more efficiently.

Improving Mechanical Function

While only you can control your driving habits, the ASE-Certified technicians at Kennedy Auto Solutions can assist you with the mechanical services and auto repairs needed to improve your average fuel economy. This can include maintenance such as routine oil and filter changes so that your engine doesn't have to work so hard or regular repairs such as tune-ups that include spark plug exchange. Regardless of the need, we're here to help you, aiming for 100% customer satisfaction since 2017. Better yet, we back the repairs we make with a great two-year/24,000-mile warranty. We look forward to seeing you soon for help with your mathematical challenge of increasing your fuel mileage average.

Written by Kurt Kennedy