A Quick Tour of Your Vehicle’s Braking System

Safety First

Some elements of your vehicle are about pleasure (heated seats, upgraded speakers). Others are about both protection and pleasantries (paint in your favorite color). Some, however, are all about safety (seat belts, airbags, and brakes). When you bring your vehicle to Kennedy Auto Solutions in Tomball, Texas, our ASE-Certified technicians will help you put safety first with our reliable brake repair.

More Than a Collection of Parts

Every part of your braking system is important, yet no part works alone to stop your automobile efficiently. This means that the braking components are greater together and more than a collection of parts. Brakes work using hydraulic force and friction. As you press the brake pedal, a level, and piston force brake fluid from the master cylinder (the brake fluid reservoir) through lines/hoses to the cylinder at each wheel. There, brake calipers (which hold the brake pads) move with the fluid force to cause the brake pads to contact the rotor (also called the disc; a large round metal plate at each wheel). It's worth noting that older vehicles and often the rear wheels of newer models have drum brakes. With these, a brake shoe contacts a metal drum turning inside each wheel. Drum brakes are less expensive, but they're less effective at stopping heavy masses. Using them only on the rear wheels (where the weight is less due to engine location in most transportation) can be a good balance between cost and efficiency. The hydraulic force of the brake fluid allows you to stop your vehicle with little physical exertion. The friction of metal against metal (pad against disc or shoe against drum) is what ultimately slows and stops your car.

Your Local Brake Repair Specialist

If you suspect a braking system problem or want to head off trouble with a brake inspection, count on Kennedy Auto Solutions. In business since 2017, our team has been dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Moreover, we commit to paper with a two-year/24,000-mile warranty on our repairs.

Written by Kurt Kennedy